Tuesday, November 4, 2014



A special name she had it there, sounds like freedom or what xD

I know her name by looking at her exercise book, her writing is kinda cute, it's so edgy, as if she's writing in a box, hehehehehe I can never fit my writing in a line, it will either started climbing up or sliding down. Well she always spend time with her Chinese friends, during recess or school activities, it's like they're born to be together xD It can't help since they have know each other for like 3 years, if I'm still studying at my old school, I might be the same as them.

She's quite friendly too, and she's also seems special to me. This girl is not like the others, she's that kind of girl who don't really care about her outer images of a girl should be. As we all know, girl are usually the representative word of polite, but she's the opposite way, not to say she's not polite, it's that she's free from all this traditional girlish way, just like her name, and that's also why I like her.

She can dance and sing in front of people, and doesn't care about what others think about her, which makes her so special and different from the others.

By the way, she's a total Kpop fan and Running man fan, just like me xD (just that I'm not a Kpop fan) We both like Kwang Soo the most, don't you think he's HILARIOUS ?? (Besides KS, I like Ji Hyo as she's the natural type of beauty, she's just too cute. :3)

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