Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The special guest =3=

So this incident happened years ago, but I just can't forget about it because it's just way too memorable (?) or...HILARIOUS? Err....well...whatever, it's just being interesting enough to be unforgettable.

My family and I went to that KG restaurant to have our dinner after the weekly shopping. Well it was crowded as usual, we sat down, the waitress came and took our order, the food arrived and we started eating...everything seems normal eh? And that is when the special guests came and say Hi.

My bro felt something moving behind, and of course it gave him goosebumps. So we both turned around and...we saw Mr.Rat was sitting there, nibbling on food...

We both shouted, everyone stopped eating and stared at us(well not really xD),but guess what?
Mr.Rat got shocked and dropped into my bowl, and then quickly jumped out. Fast enough that even my parents didn't realized a thing.

So Me and my bro lost our appetite and we went home without eating...
Thanks Mr.Rat, you just let me wasted a whole bowl of noodles, Bravo! xDD

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