Friday, November 14, 2014

Lab's feeling down...TT

Do you guys know that feeling?
When you found out that, the friends that you are actually care about, are just treating you as a back-up   plan?
Or when your close friends suddenly give you cold shoulders for no reason?
Even there's a reason, but we don't know, and they assume that we know it?
Man, it really SUCKS. 
Seriously dude, you have your own friend and I have my own, I give you the things you ask for, as long as I could give, I cherish this friendship, whenever you ask for my help, I'm the first one there, 
I never ask you to put me first, but could you at least, don't take it for granted and treat me as a back-up plan? 
How ironic when I know that I'm actually your 66th back-up plan, when you told me how much you cherish this friendship?

I won't mind actually, people are like is, sometimes you really need to cope with it, or not you'll have countless heartbreak.
Too bad I'm just a one sided mirror, I don't reflect what you gave me, in fact I keep on forgiving, creating excuses for you so that it seems reasonable to forgive you.

Dude you disappoint me, very much. I'm disappointed of myself as well. -3-
Man....back-up plan, Heh, how ironic.

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