Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lab's Confession

I have did a lot of thinking lately, I'm thinking about what I did in the past, what I said, everything...
And then I realised that all I did in the past, about everything, it's all part of my act
All I did these years were acting, disguising myself, hide my true face in one and another masks.

Maybe you'll think I'm  I don't know how you guys think about me, cheerful? active? Socialize? I have no idea, but seriously, it's none from above, it's just the masks I'm wearing.

I'm not like the others, they can tell others how sad they are, how heartbroken they are, their feelings...
I can't, I'm not like them, I rather take it all myself than expressing my feelings, I can never let the others to know my weaknesses, not my friends, not my besties, not even my family, even my closest bro.
For me, I think they might just think I'm being foolish.

I'm not the type of person that can get confidence easily, just by getting others encouragement, things just doesn't work like the 2D world (I mean anime xD) I need myself to encourage myself, the outer energy just doesn't works on me, I can only trust myself.

 Am I being selfish to think like that? Well, I told you, I have no idea.
Remember I said there's some primary school life memories I wanted to forget about it?
Actually there's no way I could, what is there, is there, you just couldn't forced it, selective memory just doesn't do the trick..

Man this is too long, let's continue in the next one. Heheheheheheeee...

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