Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lab's Confession (2)

Sometimes I just feel useless, and then lonely, and then lack of confidence, slowly slowly I became the LONER...
I hate to be the loner, I don't wanna be alone, but I'm born to be, everything of me is keeping me alone, that's why I disguise myself, I don't want to lost anyone, anymore, I have had enough, ENOUGH!!

But you know...acting is tiring, really tiring, I think I can just skip the details xD I'm so tired.
All I did, all I said, it's all lies, it's not me, I want to be me, but being me will lost what I have, which you can see, both is equally bad.

So I have decided, I have to change, I have to improve, not for the sake of others, it's for Me.
I have to learn to deal with shits in life.
This is reality, isn't it?
No one will cry for you, and we have no time to cry too, so I have to CHANGE, now.
It's now or never.
I can't let the past overshadowed my future, I hate that feeling, I HATE IT!!!

I know I'm being negative in the past, but no more, so just wait and see.
Just till you see it...

Wokay, I'm done right here, I don't know what you guys think after you read this but I have to let it out, or not I'll burst, you know burst? B.U.R.S.T. Boom!! xDD

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