Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I guess the last one is a bit too long, sorry guys, xDD


P.S. I was studying in an all girls school for two years before I transferred to the co-ed school, so I have               major problems communicating with boys.  

I did a lousy self introduction, I was freaking nervous, and my mind is blank, my tongue curled, everything is just failing me. But meh, as least I did it.

Class break, the chinese girls rushed to me, introducing themselves, they're really friendly, but I'm crying inside TT sorry I just can't remember all your names at once, which is one of the reasons I don't wanna change school, I have to remember the names of all the people I don't know.

Thank god I'm a pro stalker (just saying), I stalked their FB pages, the namelists, the last year memoir and even the sticker on a calculator, I used every ways to know their names without asking them twice, it's kinda awkward you see...

So I knew a few new friends and everything kinda changes better. TwT

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