Tuesday, November 4, 2014



Yup, a normal name,he's Will's sidekick friend, another socialize guy, just not as talkative as Will. He's a total gamer, I heard that he had 80++ games at home, and each of them cost 80+(?)Not sure, all I know is that it's expensive enough to make my jaw drop.

This guy is a banana*, now he's a 70% banana(to be specific) since he can now speak a little. Sometimes I just don't understand what is he talking about, and there goes the AWKWARD moment. 

I know his full name from the class namelist.xD
He's kind to everyone, but I just like to fight with him,I seriously don't know why, which is why he's not that kind to me anymore xD well, we still fight now, I guess that's how we communicate. -,-

This dude also has quite collections of hats,call him the Madhatter ver2. XD

*Banana is a person who is a Chinese but do not speak Chinese.

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