Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Continue the last post, let's just not mention the month since I don't even remember .

That morning, all the thoughts in my mind was literally killing me, even though I've practiced countless time about how to do the self introducing stuff, my mind just gone blank that time.

So me and my parents were following my class teacher to my class, every steps ahead I can hear the sound of Satan calling my name  feel my heart thumping even harder, that time I seriously wanna tear my heart into pieces for failing me.

I stepped in, the whole class was staring at me, you know, that moment...what the hell can I do? I carried my bag into the class, slowly walking to one empty seat, make it two, there's no one beside, I sat down, all the curious eyeballs still staring at me, what's in my mind? Stop staring me as if I'm one kind of freak!! Yup, that's what I thought, sorry guys, I'm just telling the truth xDD

That time was geography subject going on, so the teach ( that's how I call the teacher ) look at me, and then she continue her teaching,thank god, no self-introducing TvT (for those who had the experience of transferring school, I'm sure you know that feeling, it SUCKS. )

Too bad, Satan's still there. The geography teacher asked me to do the self introducing by using the 'utaraan and timuran' thingy, can't say she's not a creative teach.

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