Friday, November 14, 2014

Lab's feeling down...TT

Do you guys know that feeling?
When you found out that, the friends that you are actually care about, are just treating you as a back-up   plan?
Or when your close friends suddenly give you cold shoulders for no reason?
Even there's a reason, but we don't know, and they assume that we know it?
Man, it really SUCKS. 
Seriously dude, you have your own friend and I have my own, I give you the things you ask for, as long as I could give, I cherish this friendship, whenever you ask for my help, I'm the first one there, 
I never ask you to put me first, but could you at least, don't take it for granted and treat me as a back-up plan? 
How ironic when I know that I'm actually your 66th back-up plan, when you told me how much you cherish this friendship?

I won't mind actually, people are like is, sometimes you really need to cope with it, or not you'll have countless heartbreak.
Too bad I'm just a one sided mirror, I don't reflect what you gave me, in fact I keep on forgiving, creating excuses for you so that it seems reasonable to forgive you.

Dude you disappoint me, very much. I'm disappointed of myself as well. -3-
Man....back-up plan, Heh, how ironic.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lab's Confession (2)

Sometimes I just feel useless, and then lonely, and then lack of confidence, slowly slowly I became the LONER...
I hate to be the loner, I don't wanna be alone, but I'm born to be, everything of me is keeping me alone, that's why I disguise myself, I don't want to lost anyone, anymore, I have had enough, ENOUGH!!

But you know...acting is tiring, really tiring, I think I can just skip the details xD I'm so tired.
All I did, all I said, it's all lies, it's not me, I want to be me, but being me will lost what I have, which you can see, both is equally bad.

So I have decided, I have to change, I have to improve, not for the sake of others, it's for Me.
I have to learn to deal with shits in life.
This is reality, isn't it?
No one will cry for you, and we have no time to cry too, so I have to CHANGE, now.
It's now or never.
I can't let the past overshadowed my future, I hate that feeling, I HATE IT!!!

I know I'm being negative in the past, but no more, so just wait and see.
Just till you see it...

Wokay, I'm done right here, I don't know what you guys think after you read this but I have to let it out, or not I'll burst, you know burst? B.U.R.S.T. Boom!! xDD

Lab's Confession

I have did a lot of thinking lately, I'm thinking about what I did in the past, what I said, everything...
And then I realised that all I did in the past, about everything, it's all part of my act
All I did these years were acting, disguising myself, hide my true face in one and another masks.

Maybe you'll think I'm  I don't know how you guys think about me, cheerful? active? Socialize? I have no idea, but seriously, it's none from above, it's just the masks I'm wearing.

I'm not like the others, they can tell others how sad they are, how heartbroken they are, their feelings...
I can't, I'm not like them, I rather take it all myself than expressing my feelings, I can never let the others to know my weaknesses, not my friends, not my besties, not even my family, even my closest bro.
For me, I think they might just think I'm being foolish.

I'm not the type of person that can get confidence easily, just by getting others encouragement, things just doesn't work like the 2D world (I mean anime xD) I need myself to encourage myself, the outer energy just doesn't works on me, I can only trust myself.

 Am I being selfish to think like that? Well, I told you, I have no idea.
Remember I said there's some primary school life memories I wanted to forget about it?
Actually there's no way I could, what is there, is there, you just couldn't forced it, selective memory just doesn't do the trick..

Man this is too long, let's continue in the next one. Heheheheheheeee...

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Lab's backkkkk xD

Heyyyy, I'm finally back. Sorry this midget was being lazyyyyyyyy for the past week. But fortunately( talking sarcastically) , I'm finally FEEL like coming back to post something, at least don't abandoned this LOVELY blog like the last one. Poor little blog, just saying. Heheheheheehee...

I just watched this anime called Kamisama Hajimemashita, or also known as Kamisama Kiss, well Kamisama Kiss is not actually the exact translation in English. 'Kamisama' means God, Goddess, or 神樣 in Japanese, while 'hajimemashita' means already started. So in addition, I guessed it means: God, it already started, which has no connection with kiss at all. xD Well, maybe it's because you become the familiar of the kamisama by kissing him/her, which is how you make the contract.

-///- Blush

I'm pretty sure you have no idea what I'm talking about, all the contract, familiar and stuff (if you haven't watched that anime yet.)

My friends kinda introduced it to me last year...last year? And I postponed it until now, and I'm damn REGRET!! I should have watched EARLIER...It's one of my favourite now >__<''

Kore wa saiko!!!
(Too bad this laptop couldn't type Japanese...-3-)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The special guest =3=

So this incident happened years ago, but I just can't forget about it because it's just way too memorable (?) or...HILARIOUS? Err....well...whatever, it's just being interesting enough to be unforgettable.

My family and I went to that KG restaurant to have our dinner after the weekly shopping. Well it was crowded as usual, we sat down, the waitress came and took our order, the food arrived and we started eating...everything seems normal eh? And that is when the special guests came and say Hi.

My bro felt something moving behind, and of course it gave him goosebumps. So we both turned around and...we saw Mr.Rat was sitting there, nibbling on food...

We both shouted, everyone stopped eating and stared at us(well not really xD),but guess what?
Mr.Rat got shocked and dropped into my bowl, and then quickly jumped out. Fast enough that even my parents didn't realized a thing.

So Me and my bro lost our appetite and we went home without eating...
Thanks Mr.Rat, you just let me wasted a whole bowl of noodles, Bravo! xDD

Otaku's news (nah...)

Anime : Parasyte / Kiseijuu : Sei no Kakuritsu

Very nice niaa...strongly recommended!!

Scribble (2)

I can never concentrate either during speech or presentation, and I will sleep this is the only way to keep myself awake xD

I just can't help it when the presenter is talking in monotone, sorryyyyyyy laaaaaaaa...>__<''